Escape rooms delivery at home in Barcelona

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Escape rooms delivery at home in Barcelona
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Have you already tried the Escape Rooms in Barcelona? They are fantastic but limited because they are addictive and we would always like to have done more than there really is. Moreover, whenever we have come, we obtain satisfactory results when we are few. In our case what we do is go 4 people while we share the work. In the end we have always managed to get out in less than 60 minutes but what happens is that when another person outside the group has come, there is a lack of coordination. And this becomes a negative point that makes us not get out of the escape room in an hour.

Lack of time? We will get you Escape room at home in Barcelona

So for these cases the best thing to do is call an external service that forms your own escape room in your home. What you have to do in these cases is without ceasing to be the same group as always, leave for an hour from home. Or also stay on one side of the house without being able to leave. Our team of escape room professionals, what you will do is assemble in your own home an incomplete installation of escape room.

You do not need to leave home because we send you Escape room at home in Barcelona

From here you and your usual group of diggers will have to escape from your own home. Half of the house you will recognize because it will be your house of a lifetime. But the other half of the house what will happen is that it will be totally unknown to you. We are going to change any piece of furniture and we are not going to break anything, do not worry, but we are going to change some things. Actually, we have different degrees of escape room design scaperooms adapted to your home.

In some cases some clients ask us to make a radical change to the house because they are homes that have a lot of surface, many square meters, and decide to make an investment so that the experience is highly rewarding and for many people at the same time. In other cases, we do is adapt to small homes so that one or more people with the same time, yes one hour, try to leave their own home but with fewer tools and fewer obstacles and less modifications of the home.

Order what you want by phone and get Escape room at home in Barcelona

Because what is going to be treated is that you spend a very entertaining day with your colleagues.

Remember that we have all kinds of designs, for example, designs for excavators that will have to solve challenges related to computers. Other challenges are related to the old pyramids of Egypt. We also have challenges that unfold within a medieval climate full of swords, armor and crossbows. So, you can see, we have a large warehouse full of props so that your experience of escaping from your own home is totally extraordinary.