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Welcome to the online website with the best organic food in Barcelona.
We send you home this type of food that is so fashionable. But what we are going to learn in reality is that this type of food is more respectful to our body and the environment.Since organic foods have always tried to avoid herbicides, gone and all kinds of fertilizer related to the new chemical dynamics.

If you lack time, we will deliver organic food to your home in Barcelona

Moreover, we always work to significantly reduce the additives that all the foods we send you may have.We talk about meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. So we will leave aside all the chemicals that are introduced in foods that are not, by our criteria, beneficial to health, and we will work with foods that come directly from the field worked by countries that maintain our same philosophy. And all within the Catalan province of Barcelona.

This food without herbicides or pesticides that affect crops, makes our organic foods taste a lot. In most cases they do not come perfectly smooth, bri test and colorful as those that have been chemically treated.But here is the grace of natural foods, which have irregularities that make them beautiful. Therefore, you will know what you are eating.

You do not need to leave home because we take organic food to your home in Barcelona

If you have the certainty that you are eating something good and healthy, that you have not received any type of added toxic chemical residue, you will know that your body can tolerate it a little better. So we will get away from all the cases related to the scams and we will maintain a strict control system to be able to grow, transport and receive all our products from the land to your fridge.

Thanks to our organic foods you can enjoy many local variations such as yogurt or legumes. These biological foods of agricultural or agroindustrial products, which are part of the green revolution, will maintain a totally original logical label of the European Union. Thus, this will ensure that the consumer is eating safe products.

Before delivering the food we will review that all the labels are correct, that our shipment is adapted to your budget and to the needs of all those who will eat them. We are also going to add a site of natural food that guarantees our quality.

Order what you want to eat by phone and get organic food at home in Barcelona

In case you want an exceptional native experience what we can do is bring you dishes already cooked with this type of food such as stuffed aubergines, which are the specialty of our cook.

How does our shipment work?

First, you will have to choose your basket. In the second place you will have to observe and catch yourself to our offers and promotions of all the new products. Thus, you will earn by paying less for the same quality. In third place you can add all the extras you want of vegetables, fruit, or a la carte. Afterwards, you will have to choose the form in which you want to pay that can be cash or by card through the shopping cart of the website. And, before receiving the order, you can choose the box with which all organic products arrive. That is, you can use a box of 6 kg or 9 kg where to put all the vegetables. Another box of 6 kg or 8 kg where to put all the fruit. Or also, a mixed box that goes from 10 kg to 20 kg in which you can mix all the food you want. Therefore, the mix of foods that we are going to send you will depend on you although we prefer to send them all separately so that they do not touch each other. But you have the last word.

You can also create yourself by selecting everything you want to receive at that moment, a box with all the foods that we offer you as if it were à la carte. The important thing is that you can benefit from our special discounts for food groups or consumer groups. It is also important that you know that our suppliers and our collaborators are professionals of the sector who are involved in their own personal businesses.Therefore we are always looking for new local products that meet our exacting requirements with 100% natural and organic food.