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Because we perform treatments in the dependencies of your home. Here you can not only find medical help but also physiotherapy treatment. We offer infrared and cold heat treatments.

Why hire Physiotherapy at home in Barcelona?

Our electric stretcher with its multiple positions allows to reach the optimal position for physiotherapy.And we move it, if necessary, to your home.

To optimize the patient’s comfort, we also offer, if you wish, a treatment service at your home with our portable stretcher in the Barcelona locations, avoiding the patient’s walks and parking problems.Guaranteeing, thus, the optimal conditions for the success of the therapy.

We take you home Physiotherapy at home in Barcelona

Stop going to the physio when you have pain. Let him or the physio come to you and so after the consultation you can relax directly in your bed. Next, let’s see how we work with manual therapy at home.

Manual therapy at your service

The joints of our body are wrapped by some capsules. Through manual therapy, among other things, disturbances suffered as a result of accidents or dislocations can be corrected. By dilating it in the proper direction, a joint or a blocked vertebra of the spine can be released.

The training of the manual therapist by the German Society of Manual Medicine, includes; besides the possibility of treatment of the joints; the ability to recognize and deal with static and motor problems.

In manual therapy, we work with softer techniques than with the chiropractic technique. In addition, it complements it effectively. Along with joint mobilization techniques, manual therapists facilitate muscle mobility by relaxing tense muscles.

Both muscle relaxation techniques and postisometric relaxation (relaxation after tension) often help to achieve rapid success. And they get it with in the treatment of pains produced by disturbed muscular systems. For example, tennis elbow, dizziness or headaches arising from a boneless spine or with little calcium.

24-hour Physiotherapy service at home in Barcelona directly to your home

If the pains come to you when you least expect it, it is best to work quickly to solve a possible impingement or a possible dislocation. For this we will see where the origins may be.

Foot reflexology in your home

The reflex reflexotherapy stimulates the regenerative and vital forces of the patient. This holistic orientation technique offers; along with the classic rehabilitation therapies; the possibility of treating discomfort not only directly related to the skeleton or the musculature. The ideal example of the possibilities of foot reflexology is the treatment of the intestinal tract. This treatment focuses on the complete process of ingestion, digestion and elimination of food. By means of a specific stimulation of the affected areas that are reflected in the feet, holistic, ie complete, results are achieved.

The comfort of receiving Physiotherapy at home in Barcelona

Following the model of back therapy, patients frequently suffer from back pain whose origins are in postures and wrong movements.

Application of classical physiotherapy in your home

In these cases you have to correct bad postural habits because they are mistakes that are unconsciously committed. Often for years. It is essential to learn and practice new schemes that will improve your back.Only after numerous and intense exercises will be entrenched new habits of movements, hard acquired.

If we could take into account the most banal and everyday movements (lifting the bag of garbage or the purchase) avoiding inclinations and bends harmful to the lower back of the spine, we would be on the right track to avoid back pain.