The Mediterranean sea at home with paellas delivery at home in Barcelona

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It is great to see how you and your colleagues can enjoy a Valencian paella wherever you want. Because you do not have to go to a restaurant to eat a rice al dente. And you can choose what you want, such as seafood or vegetables.

Hire paellas at home in Barcelona

Because we have several classes so you can put on top of the tablecloth of your table, wherever you are, this tasty typical Mediterranean dish.
So you will not have to play with restaurants that serve you last, radioactive or with prawns in poor condition. In our service to the home, we elaborate them with ingredients of the country. For example, the fish that we include, such as prawns, crabs or prawns, we obtain from the sea front of the Catalan coasts.Also Valencian and Balearic, because the Mediterranean is our refrigerator. And the saltwater fish and shellfish are better.

The comfort of receiving paellas at home in Barcelona

As for the paella of vegetables prepared by our chefs located in the Catalan capital, what they do is to collect the vegetables in the wholesale markets that most satisfy their needs. They move away completely from the strange products and opt for a classic elaboration inherited from generation nen generation.

We take you home paellas at home in Barcelona

You just have to pick up the phone and ask for it to be brought to you. It will arrive warm and with an aluminum foil on top so that it does not get cold. All the seafood will be from the fish market of the previous day and the vegetables from the territory. Nothing foreign. So, next to the rice to the point that it does not catch and has its natural color; nothing of artificial yellows; everything will be part of a perfect meal for guests.

24-hour paella service at home in Barcelona

Take this tasty piece of the Valencian country beyond Thursday or Sunday. Typical days to eat it. We will offer you a very large pan with huge handles so that everyone can taste it in a good cooked dish.
Choose a good filling of chicken, duck, rabbit or snails as a good seafood paella and savor our professional cooking. In the case that you like spices, ask for them and we will add them to mixed paella or mountain paella.